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How to Get Your Audience in the Door


While a carefully curated day is vital to hosting a great event, event marketing is the only way to get your audience in the door. Whether virtual or in person, the process of event planning and marketing is still the same.

 What is Event Planning and Marketing?


Event Planning is the establishment of goals, strategies and coordination of all details and timelines to make your your event successful. From pre-excitement to post meeting wrap up, event marketing teams develop both digital and print creatives to achieve your goals, engage your target audience and capture brand interest and excitement.

This includes building awareness of your meeting or event and placing marketing collateral across multiple channels of communication. Knowing how to engage your potential participants, media, influencers and key decision makers is critical to meeting your specific conversion goals. Here at Stovall, we do everything from corporate events to small customer meetings and open houses which makes our team one of the best.

At Stovall Marketing we have the experience to manage your event so you don’t end up with empty chairs or low participation.


Examples of Tools We Use!



Examples of Our Process


Steps Once the Event Is Created


Before planning or promoting, our event team helps establish the goal of the event. Is the objective to raise awareness, promote a service, or gain new customers?  This is a vital step that will trickle down to every decision in the future.

After defining the goal, developing event strategies is the next step for our team. This includes determining and scheduling details such as, defining the budget, location selection, promotion methods, and food and decorations. While the small tasks can add up, here at Stovall it can be done quickly and with ease through our event planners and events professionals.

Another great addition we have here at Stovall is a team that knows how influential connections can be, such as adding sponsors, soliciting funding or connecting with influencers. We work to find desired additions who will align with your event.

Next, we treat your event like a new product. We aim to show your potential audience that this is something they should add to their list of things they need to attend, not a potential task to be completed.

Connecting the Customer Journey


Here at Stovall, our next step is to create all the correlating digital marketing automation campaigns. By doing this, we can use our many tools and applications to promote the event and capture lead data such as Google Adwords, SMS text messaging, call tracking, marketing automation, email drip campaigns, etc.

Finally, a strong online presence is vital. Our Stovall team conquers this task through emails, virtual ads, social media event groups, and Geofencing. Our goal is to make all possible attendees aware of your event.

Event Marketing Weeks Before the Event

/ Urgency in promotions
/ Frequent promoting
/ Promote behind the scenes work
/ Plan for the future


In the weeks leading up to the event, viable attendees can become lax on booking a seat and deciding to attend. To battle this, we update promotions to create a sense of positive urgency with the weeks leading up.

Next, frequent promotion is vital during the weeks leading up to the event. The majority of attendees are gained in the weeks leading up to the event opposed to the months or days. One way our team does this is by sharing drip Emails and posting regularly. This will keep the audience constantly aware and updated on platforms that are already being used throughout the day. In addition to one’s own platforms, we collaborate with teaming sponsors and influencers to be promoting as well.

In the days leading up to the event, promoting behind the scenes work increases anticipation for the guaranteed attendees and has the potential to gather the final members of the audience in the final moments of RSVPs. Here at Stovall, we value information and make sure your audience is aware and enthused for the coming event.

The best way to create a successful event is to make sure that not only the attendees see the success but individuals online as well. Our team has found that creating a trademark, such as a unique hashtag that can link all information regarding the event, is extremely beneficial. From our experience, it does not only raise event loyalty but also increases of possible future attendees. A special and promoted product will always be in demand. Here at Stovall, your event is our event and we strive for nothing short of excellence.



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