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Stovall Marketing offers customized social media marketing packages. We build a strategy based on your business goals and budget. In our experience, social media works best when there is a hybrid plan with the business taking an active role in regular posts. Depending on your industry, social media advertising may or may not be recommended. 

Social media isn’t going anywhere, so get on board and start being found by your potential customers!



Over 53% of the world’s population is on social media… Can they find you?



Multi-generational factors influence each consumer at different places and at various times. Social media marketing to millennials requires a totally different social media strategy than one designed for Baby Boomers.

Millennials now surpass Baby Boomers in spending power and management roles. If they have to wait 48 to 72 hours for a social media or website form response they will quickly jump ship and most likely be headed for your competition.

Get to know our company and how we partner for success with social media management tools. We allow you to rest easy because we are listening to your audience, bringing content that engages, and getting your brand in front of the people that matter- your audience and influencers.

Our social media management is one of a partnership with the organization and acts in accordance with the standards set forth in that discipline. All content is scheduled in advance, approved by the client and is developed around the user experience.

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